EXPERIENCE. Why is it like GOLD?

From the very beginning of our life, we are exposed to the study and acquisition of new knowledge. Why? We come into this world unprepared, we haven't knowledge, no experience, we have no idea what this world looks like. So from the very beginning, we have to, we just have to, learn, if we think to function and move forward like it has to be. Once we start our lives, all we need to know is that we make contact without any theoretical learning. We get in touch with the practice. The practice is known as the mother of all knowledge. This gives us a proven, sometimes insufficient, but still significant experience that creates the basis for further work and moving forward.

Like very, very young human beings, just with 3 to 4 years on planet Earth, we get on to mechanism, some type of bigger device, its called a bike. That little thing, moved by our physical energy can present the basis of success, its a cycle of thing which happened in life. The bike can present life and can it describe very precise. The bike is an easy mechanism to understand its structure and its way of functioning. We need to invest our physical energy and to use our natural power of balance. Instead of a bike when we look at life, things don’t change, stay the same, we still need the natural power of mind and body to live life. Also, we need a balance because life is the cycle of good and evil in the same amount.

Imagine that you are again four years old. Try to reconnect with your childhood. One beautiful, shiny morning, we wake up very early, only to watch our favorite cartoon or maybe a kid’s show. Laying in the bed, covered with a blanket all way to the throat and enjoying a cartoon. After the episode ends, we stay still in bed for a few more minutes. After we decide to start our day, we jump out of the bad and begin cruising through the house. Somehow we and up in the kitchen. Suddenly one of the family members take our hand and pull us to the backyard, pointing into something unknown to us. In the middle of the backyard is the bike. Big and shiny, as we saw it like that. Happy and amazed, we start to circle the bike, enjoying its shape and beauty. It’s the machine that will never betray you. This bike is for us, it means that time has finally come to learn that skill.

In that period we are very young, so life gives us some sort of help, in the shape of a person who is with us and who will lead us to learn and overcome the bike, which is a little bit mysterious and stressful thing for us. After analyzing the main structure of the bike, we decide to try it. Why do we want to try it? It’s because of results when a child saw that someone riding a bike, that seems interesting to him. The child is curious and wont to try it. Life is the same. When we see someone very successful, we see only his results, we don’t know his path. Results are that what fascinating us. The person who has to learn us to ride, star explaining theoretical how to do it. We absorb every information or we are on the seventh sky and don’t understand anything. After theory there comes a practice, so we take the bike in our hands and get in direct contact with unknown matter. After direct contact with the bike, we don’t feel anything, we don’t have any experience with this new thing, so we also don’t feel fear. Children don’t have fear of anything, they only have curiosity and need to explore. The person watching as, a little bit nervous because he knows that we won’t learn it even after then days. All we have to do is to follow instructions and everything will be fine. The first step, the first lesson, learning to pedal. Person star pushing back of the bike and all we have to do is to apply that lesson, we start pedaling. After the first step, we gained a new experience. We built the basis.

We have the basis. The first lesson was done and passed. Now, let’s put this theory into life. Life is the same, for every job and any experience we must have the basis. It’s the simple thing, consists of a small number of simple things so that people usually bypass it, only because of its simple structure. It’s not complicated enough like the rest of the structure. We are all wrong here. We cant build a house without the foundation or if it’s not strong enough. The foundation is the simplest thing of all things when comes to building the house, but we cant without the foundation. It’s impossible. The next thing we need to learn is balance. Like a very young kid, we don’t have advanced balance ability. If the person who is holding our bike in balance, push us away, we will soon fall and experience a new thing which is falling, in the same moment it will become fear. We are left without our backup so we fall and lose control. Like in life, backup is something that we all want. Backup is our comfort zone because we feel safe with it. Those backup persons give us constant positive energy, pushing us higher and higher. Kids fall off the bike if there is no backup, the same thing is with people, they also sometimes don’t succeed only because there is no backup. We need to know to fight alone. There’s where real strength comes to play.

A child will be afraid, but the child doesn’t have a fear of anything, fear is not developed at his mentality. Instead of fear they have a curiosity, they want to explore. Just because of no fear they are free and they discover faster than we are as older. After a while, we try it alone. We get on the bike without any backup. We start cycling and what happened? We fall. We feel pain and we create a new experience which usually creates fear and makes people give up. But children don’t have that broken mentality, they get up again because their power of will is bigger than created fear. We fall again and again. Even though we fall more than 10 times, we get up 11th and start riding it. Wondering how we managed that. After a while, parents see their children through the window how they are riding their new shiny bike. A smile on their face is something that we live for as a parent. Now that child has experience with riding a bike. Experience is something most valuable, that child who knows how to ride a bike now can learn another child and another one. So we need the experience to learn and to be learned. Life working in the same way. We need to work hard and push more if we want something. Also, we need someone more experienced to learn us. Play smart. Life is like a bike if you stop circling you fall. Circle fast and hard. You want something, go get it. Share all your experience with others. Stop thinking. GO

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